Able to provide cost-effective brand identity solutions for on and off-line because of skills in html/css/js/php/mysql/cs/wp/ and background in many medias, including user experience, multi media, marketing, education and the benefit of experience in e-commerce, education, health care, law, brand identity, and visual art.


Brand Identity



Graphic designer since before the mac, a web designer since before broadband, user experience designer since before flash died.

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Love Lotion, Ecommerce

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Goal: that this site provide obvious benefit to the user (you). Beyond that the hope is that perusing this site will convince user that hiring this designer is worth every penny quoted.


“You are awesome! …Thanks for everything that you have done to make my website awesome! I Really Really love it!”
“I am using my new email, I love that. And I received my stickers and book stuff id. Yesterday. Plus the envelopes. I got great feedback on it and for the cards.Yippee!”
“I think this is a site we can both be proud of. How about putting both our names and links to our sites in the bottom?”