Juan Carlos, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Juan Carlos, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Juan Carlo Collins is an acupuncture and oriental medicine practitioner, as well as a professor at Laney College. His resume is long with experience and accolades. The result is Juan Carlo is a very good and informative speaker and his presentations very robust.


  • How to leverage the wealth of knowledge Juan Carlos has at hand
  • How to quickly communicate a wide variety of subjects and that users can engage in as soon as they land on the home page.
  • Building and reinforcing Juan Carlos’ brand in every facet of site
  • Avoid any hint clutter (of course)
  • Educate the user whether they are looking for it or not


  • Create a delivery system that will allow for quick and easy publishing.
  • Develop a slide show that explains actual tools of Juan Carlos’ skills
  • Develop a visual branded content management system that is consistent throughout the site
  • quickly conveys an understated yet clear and scholarly message of human health and living.

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